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Test-of-Time Award

Starting from DSN 2019, a new award called Test-of-Time Award is instituted, to recognize two papers published 10 years ago in DSN, in the regular paper category. DSN has several areas under its umbrella and with two awards there are conditions to recognize more than one area. In exceptional situations (not enough nominations), the time frame for awards can be extended to 10-12 years, and only one paper can be awarded, in this order. Written justification should be provided by the Test-of-Time Award committee for each of the exceptions considered: 10-12 years instead of 10 years, and one paper instead of two.

Note: Before the year DCCS and PDS merged, the award will consist of one paper from the DCCS Track and one paper from the PDS Track. After the year DCCS and PDS were merged, two papers will be awarded from the DSN Main Track.

Process for selecting the award

Selection will be done by a Committee of 5 members, referred to as Test-of-Time Award Committee. The committee should be representative for all research and geographical areas, with one member appointed as chair. The role of the chair of the Test-of-Time Award Committee is to coordinate the selection process. The DSN Steering Committee Chair will name the chair of the Test-of-Time Award Committee. The other members of the committee are selected by the DSN Steering Committee Chair and the current DSN TPC Chairs.

Conflict of Interest

Persons having a conflict of interest with a nominated paper cannot be members of the award committee. In particular, a person must declare a conflict of interest if he/she:
  • • Was involved in writing a nominated paper
  • • Is currently from the same institution as an author of a nominated paper
  • • Was the PhD advisor or advisee of one of the authors of a nominated paper
  • • Is a relative of an author of a nominated paper


The Test-of-Time Award Committee members can make nominations and will seek nominations from members of the community. Selection will be done by voting by the Test-of-Time Award Committee.

The Test-of-Time Award Committee must have written criteria and make them public before starting the process. The criteria should be defined according to the best practices in scholarly evaluation: holistic peer review assessing impact on several fronts, such as, but not confined to, academic, educational, technical, industrial; assisted and tuned by objective evidence deemed appropriate to the papers’ context, such as number of citations, downloads, user base, concrete industrial exploitation, etc.


Selection of the committee must be done by the submission deadline for DSN, typically the first week of December. The chair of the committee should submit the selection to the DSN SC Chair and DSN TPC Chairs by beginning of May of year of the conference award will be given.

Nominations for Test-of-Time Award

Nominations can be made by any person who is familiar with the paper.

The supporting material for the nomination should include:

  • • Name, affiliation and contact information of the nominator
  • • Title and authors of the paper
  • • Rationale for the nomination

Nominations by the award committee itself are admissible at any time during the deliberation and selection process, subject to the conflict of interest rules established above.

Note: There is no monetary award given to the authors of the Test-of-Time Award. It takes the form of a plaque presented to the author(s) at the conference.

Call for Nominations, 2019 Award

Nominations must be submitted by email at the address and are due by February 8th, 2019.

Test-of-Time Award 2019 Committee members

Cristina Nita-Rotaru, Northeastern Univ., US, (

Felicita Di Giandomenico, ISTI-CNR, Italy, (
Pascal Felber, UNINE, Switzerland, (
Matti Hiltunen, AT&T, US, (
Johan Karlsson, Chalmers Univ., Sweden, (