Special Interest Groups

In addition to its regular activities, the WG currently has three SIGs. The first, established in 1999, focuses on Dependability Benchmarking (SIGDeB). Since that time, SIGDeB has held several working meetings, and organized workshops and panels. The members of SIGDeB also wrote a book on dependability benchmarking that was published by the Wiley IEEE Computer Society Press in 2008. The current chair of SIGDeB is Karama Kanoun (France) and the current Vice Chair is Lisa Spainhower (USA).

The second and third SIGs, established in 2009, are the SIG on Concepts and Ontologies organized by Algirdas AviĹžienis (Lithuania) and the SIG on Education in Resilient Computing organized by Luca Simoncini (Italy).