DSN Statistics

Summary Statistics Since 2000:

(Subm – paper submissions; Accept – papers accepted; AccRate – acceptance rate; Regis – registrations)

YearSubmAcceptAccRate %RegisLocation
5320232404719.58%306Porto, PT
5220222694918.20%169Baltimore, MD,US
5120212954816.30%369Taipei, Taiwan
5020202914816.50%357Valencia, SP
4920192525421.40%193Portland, OR, US
4820182286226.70%250Luxembourg, LX
4720172215424.50%155Denver, CO, US
4620162595820.50%260Toulouse, FR
4520152295021.80%160Rio de Janeiro, BR
4420141815629.80%196Atlanta, GA, US
4320132204620.90%185Budapest, HU
4220122365119.90%238Boston, MA, US
4120112535220.60%240Hong Kong, CN
4020102736724.50%260Chicago, IL, US
3920092606424.60%270Lisbon, PT
3820082375824.50%230Anchorage, AK, US
3720073078026.40%366Edinburgh, GB
3620062835720.10%280Philadelphia, PA, US
3520053008227.30%353Yokohama, JP
3420043778823.30%357Florence, IT
3320032257332.40%324San Francisco, CA, US
3220022137535.21%340Washington, DC, US
3120011535334.60%297Gothenburgh, SE
3020001315642.70%280New York, NY, US

For complete statistics of DSN and FTCS dating back to 1970 including general and program chairs please visit our complete statistics page.