Distinguished Artifact Award

DSN supports open science, where authors of accepted papers are encouraged to make their tools and datasets publicly available to ensure reproducibility and replicability by other researchers. DSN offers a separate Artifact Evaluation Track to all accepted papers from all three categories of the Research Track. The goals of the artifact track are to increase confidence in a paper’s claims and results, and facilitate future research via publicly available datasets and tools.

Starting from 2024, all submitted artifacts competed for a “Distinguished Artifact Award” that is sponsored by KAUST, to be decided by the Artifact Evaluation Committee. The award recognizes the artifact that (1) has the highest degree of reproducibility as well as ease of use and documentation, (2) allows other researchers to easily build upon the artifact’s functionality for their own research, and (3) substantially supports the claims of the paper.

Past Winners of the Distingusihed Artifact Award

  • 2024: “Decentagram: Highly-Available Decentralized Publish/Subscribe Systems”
    Haofan Zheng (UC Santa Cruz), Tuan Tran (UC Santa Cruz), Roy Shadmon (UC Santa Cruz), Owen Arden (UC Santa Cruz). Code Reproducible. Artifact DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10224299