Avizienis and Chen win the 2018 Jean-Claude Laprie Award

April 20, 2018

Today, IFIP Working Group 10.4 announced that two outstanding papers have been selected as winners of the 2018 Jean-Claude Laprie Award in Dependable Computing:

  • Avizienis, A., & Chen, L. (1977). On the implementation of N-version programming for software fault tolerance during execution. Proc. COMPSAC, 1977, 149-155.

Avizienis and Chen’s On the Implementation of N-version Programming for Software Fault Tolerance during Execution introduced one of the most fundamental approaches to software fault tolerance. Through a set of concepts and definitions as well as principles of implementation, and by applying those principles in a carefully conducted experiment, the paper comprehensively introduces and evaluates the opportunities and challenges of N-version programming. The concept of N-version diversity introduced in the paper has significantly enhanced the design of reliable systems in industrial practice, for example in the triple-triple redundant 777 flight computer. In addition, as evidenced by the increasing number of citations the paper receives annually, its impact on the academic community is felt to this day and is not diminishing. This exceptional paper has been foundational to four decades of academic research in system design diversity with application to a variety of dependability concerns, including security.

Authors of the winning papers will be presented the award on June 26, 2018, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, during the opening session of the Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks

About the Jean-Claude Laprie Award in Dependable Computing

The award was created in 2011, in honor of Jean-Claude Laprie (1944-2010), whose pioneering contributions to the concepts and methodologies of dependability were influential in defining and unifying the field of dependable and secure computing. The award recognizes outstanding papers that have significantly influenced the theory and/or practice of Dependable Computing.

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